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Clover Gifts & Apothecary

Established In 1928, The Clover Gift Shop has long been known for it's assortment of fine gifts and home decor.  In 2018, we launched Clover Apothecary, your destination for locally crafted CBD health & wellness products.  The majority of our CBD products are made in VT.  We know & love our producers, & have a constant goal of offering the purest Cannabidiol available.    In addition to selling CBD, we also offer monthly workshops focused on cannabinoid benefits, use, & product making.  Check back here for updates. 


Clover Apothecary CBD infused Arnica Cream -4 oz. All locally sourced ingredients

$ 59.00
Our top seller!   CBD infused Arnica Cream - 4 oz. Arnica flower is an age-old, tried and true anti-inflammatory used for bruises, stiffness, joint issues, and muscle soreness. Add 250 MG’s Full Spectrum CBD oil from Elmore Mountain Therapeutics, and you’ve got a double-whammy against aches, pains, & inflammation!*...

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